Westcon manufactures and installs a standard range of concrete barriers designed and manufactured in accordance to municipal, provincial and federal road and highway requirements. Our precast concrete barriers can be used in a variety of applications including traffic control, lane closures and road safety. We provide services in Edmonton, Calgary and all across Alberta.

There are various types of precast concrete barriers. Traffic barriers are used to separate lanes of on-going traffic and can be used as safety or crash barriers. Concrete barriers also function to redirect, slow or stop a wayward vehicle from causing a more severe accident. Some of these concrete barriers include Jersey barriers, Type F Barriers and others.

Concrete barrier performance is dependent on the speed and type of vehicle, along with other conditions. These factors will provide the ability for road agencies to select the most appropriate type of barrier to address specific safety concerns. Luckily, Westcon provides a variety of concrete barrier choices for you and your business.